Thursday, September 29, 2005


Wow. Have you seen this mess?

Disney posted some pics up from their computer animated film, The Wild , yesterday.

Disney disney sad. These guys made Pinochio and Dumbo! Can you believe that? And they're even out-sourcing the animation to Canada....but just look at that. Wow, I never thought my eyes could bleed so quickly. Well wait, the Valiant trailer was pretty bad. There are so many talented character designers out there and none of them are used...or maybe they were..but the executives can't see good's like us artists looking at a long wordy contract and making decisions without even understanding it. Well, at least Wilbur Robinson and American Dog look great.

I met John K. once and he was telling me how executives can't read storyboards...he would give them boards and they couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Hah! He said, if they can't read story boards, then they can't read comic books. A 5 yr old can read comic-books and an executive can't. Pretty sad and ironic eh? Oh well, it kind of gets us all charged up when there are stupid decisions made...makes us work harder and stronger and pushes us to do our best. Because that's what we all strive for... right?

Now I know the company I work for has some designs that make us scream.... I, as well, scream with you....but the visual development here will blow your socks off! It's just the transition from drawings to models that gets screwed up! But we did make Madagascar and those designs kick ass. Thanks goes out to mad genius Craig Kellman and all the character modelers and riggers. Wait till ya see what Craig's up to next. That's all I'm gonna say.

Creepy critters under the sea,
Keep your gaze and I guarantee
That the feeling on your upper thigh
is their teeth...oh whoops...
Goodbye, goodbye.

These underwater creepies were done in Rik Maki's class.
Go here to buy his book.

It's well worth it. This guy know his stuff. He even has drawings (most likely copies ) in the animation art room at California Adventure.

No that's not a set behind me in the top photo.
It's the real Sequoia national park. More pics to come!


Sandra Khoo said...

WOW! Thanx for sharing all these great images and thanx for the insight! I see we all go thru' the process of encountering such executives, but thankfully I haven't met a reall bad one yet. Hopefully never!

Matt J said...

Hey there, I'm a big fan of Craig Kellman's design but can't seem to find anything online apart from the stuff on Shane's forum. Do you know if he has a blog?

SMacLeod said...

Those are sweet sea creatures. I've actually never seen those ones before. Always full of surprises. I miss your drawings Jerm. Where would you have gone if you hadn't gotten the CG virus.

And hey, the link with the bad designs didn't work for me. Am I a loser? Does it work for anyone else?

Virginia Valle said...

Ohh I love these images :)..they are great!!!!! :)

chickennuggets said...

holy crap, i thought that picture was some screen grab off a first person shooter video game!

and hell yeah american dog looks rad.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Thanks for all the kind words boys and girls! Can't wait to post more for your enjoyment. Cheerios.


=.) said...

hey baby...
those fisheeez are coolbeans!!
my eyes swallowed them whole.

St John Street said...

Sick stlye I'd like to see more stuff done in that stlye.