Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mykonos, Greece. Summer 2007

Here's a few sketches from my trip to Greece this past summer. I drew these in a small sketchbook I bought in Santorini. The book is about the size of my palm. I rented a scooter on each island I visited and traveled around looking for the best beaches. Hence to say, they were all the best. The water was crystal clear, the women were beautiful, and the fish were abundant.

Mykonos is club island. Hundreds of clubs open up at night and the cheeseballs come out in droves. Here's a few below.
Yes, they wear fanny packs with biker shorts.

This is Paradise beach. Hot topless women swim in the ocean while techno music blasts from the DJ booth by the beach bar.
As the sun sets, everyone gets out of the water and starts dancing. Two hired go-go dancers shake their booties and pump up the crowd. The "cheese" was very strong at this could smell it for miles.

I made this guy up but it resembles all the old fishermen walking around. "Yamas" means "cheers" in Greek. You can say it everywhere you have a drink and you'll receive a great smile. I drew the Fanta box because I must have drank 3 Fanta Orange Sodas per day. It was that hot. I was addicted to them!

This girl stood in the doorway of a bar/club luring patrons in. She had her right calf bandaged but I have no idea how she was injured. Her English was not that great and couldn't explain it to me. She was pretty good at her job. She danced around, flirted with every group of guys that walked by, and was just plain giggly and girly. Countless guys would whisper into her ear while she whispered back. Probably asking for her number or trying to lure her to their hotel room.