Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey all you bloggers! Whaz up? Got some fresh new fly hip edgy drawings for ya today. Hope you enjoy them. Sorry I haven't posted in a week. Been tied up with work and camping preparations...I'm going to Sequoia National Park this weekend with my girlfriend. Ahhhhh camping. The trees, the smell, the wildlife....the black bear shoving his paw in your tent as you eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The rock...that trips you as you try to flee from the bear while it rips your clothes off...ahhhhh.....the rattlesnake that you happen to step on as you hide from that deranged bear.....ahhh the trip to the ER in a helicopter...ahhhhhh camping. No seriously folks.....I can't wait to go. I love mini vacations!

Jimmy Dood
was quite the fellow.
Had no horse,
and no stories to tellya.

Boring as heck
you thought you'd die.
Makes you want to punch
his lazy eye.

Then one day
he found some gin.
Drank it all down
and started to grin.

Flew off his feet
and bounced off the ground.
Boots came off
and people gathered around.

Jimmy Dood
Became quite a stud.
Ladies all swooned
And their hearts went thud.

Still stupid and dumb,
the boy hadn't changed.
But at least he looked,
a little bit sane.

I drew Jimmy Dood in 2002 back at Cal Arts. I like all the negative space in there...keeps it interesting. I'll post 2 more next week.

I am obsessed with owls...I keep drawing them and drawing them..I just can't stop.

These lions, I tell ya
seem to get all the fame.
Their manners quite awful,
It's really a shame.

This little lad was drawn off a bootleg copy of Disney's Song of the South. My cartoony buddies meet once a week and we got together and did some studies of the film. Check out Sean's versions here. Just scroll down a little. Click me.


Eric Deuel said...

pretty sweet dude.. I like Jimmy Dodds' mouth...

donnachada said...

These are great man. Love the lions, and the poem is priceless. Hey, if you do come accross a rattle snake, just make him into a pair of boots like I did.

TonyC. said...

These are really fun! Keep em coming. TC

TonyC. said...

These are really fun! Keep em coming. TC

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhh I love your owls they are so unique :) please make more :) they really beautiful and funny :)