Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Caricature crazy

Here are some of my homies from work.

John Hill

Watch your back, those boots are hungry. The sweater... even hungrier.

Donnachada Daly

We like to call him "Dead eye"...based on his awesome dart playing skills.
Check out his boots...this dude's a bad ass.

Chris Bancroft

His hair will eat you alive and leave you in awe.

Tim Johnson

Amazing, awesome, great, super cool....(he's the director of the film I'm working on... I have to be nice)


Kevan said...

Alright J!

These doodles are ace! Please keep on writing to "no one in particular", cos I'm still here reading...

: )

SMacLeod said...

That's awesome. My favorite is the Tim Johnson one. Only you would think of bending his body. That's neat.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded and copied your work.