Monday, March 13, 2006

napkin doodlies and others

Hi ya'll!

Sooooo, once again Amid has bashed Dreamworks on, what else is new eh?
We're all used to it by now...and boy are we trying our hardest to make him like us right boys?
Just keep waiting Amid, we'll get you smiling one of these days!
We'll just have to see how the audience responds to the movie now shall we. Opening May 19th! Go see it and I promise to tell you what shots I worked on. Oh yeah, there's a new trailer out.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Work, girlfriend, chores, day-dreaming, drawing, buying lots of books, training for "Flushed Away", being lazy, and having a sucky scanner are my excuses. Oh yeah, not to mention the hours I've spent trying to fix my Epson 5150 god awful stupid ass printer! I can't wait to chuck it off the side of a cliff. Hmmm, does anyone know if that's environmentally safe? Ahh who cares...I just want to bash it's brains in!

All right I'll calm down. Here's some stuff for you guys...

Diner napkin drawing

Restaurant napkin drawing

Kellie Smith

Claire Curameng

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mexico 2004!!

Hola.. Here are some drawings from Ensenada, Mexico and one tribute to Frank Thomas. What the two have in common? I have no idea. Cheers and have fun!

Morgan Kelly asleep in a coffee shop...we had to sleep in my car one night and barely got any rest. Someone also tried to break into my car the next day. What an adventure.

One of the greatest actors ever. What a master.