Monday, September 12, 2005

G'mornin' Monday

Three crazy owls.
Just a little bit insane.
Proper shoes and proper dress
And a search for more champagne.

Just released from the loony bin,
These owls are on a mission.
Corned beef on rye and potato salad.
Let's call it a tradition.

Marker on paper.
Ha ha doesn't that sound professional? Well another weekend gone, good-bye, kaput. What's with these weekends? Why aren't they longer?

Sorry people! I'll get some more drawings up soon...the power went out in Glendale and all hell broke loose and a monster ate my computer.....ok not really. But the power did go out.


Anonymous said...

Those owls are really great! Gorgeous art on your blog - first time vistor here - I'll be back!

donnachada said...

These are rockin' my friend.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

thank you my fine feathered Donnachada...

and thanks Michael for stoppin' by!