Thursday, November 16, 2006


This will make you smile. He owns that stage and he's controlling the audience with his confidence.
That's what you have to do with animation. OWN that scene and FEEL it! Remember to "wow" your audience and keep them hooked. You have to keep them wanting more and give them the unexpected. MJ must have rehearsed for hours and hours to get this song right but we don't think about it, we just enjoy the magic.
Create that magic and hide the strings.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A closer look at OTH

I thought I'd post some screen caps of some of the scenes I animated.

This is SQ 1631.

These were the first shots I received when I started on Over the Hedge. It was about 9 shots in total. I might have some thumb-nail drawings for this scene and when I find it I'll post it. If you've ever seen the trailer from the film you might remember the shot of RJ smiling with his can of chips. They froze on it and put Bruce Willis's name next to his head.

These shots were VERY technically challenging and it took awhile for everything to work right. As you can see, there's a wagon, and a lawn chair attached to it, AND a sac full of boxed goodies, AND a propane tank, AND a little turtle attached to that tank, AND a chain attached to the wagon, AND a Raccoon attached to that chain. AND you have to move everything to make it believable! No chain computer simulation either! We all had to move that darn chain! Animation is tough boys and girls....believe me. But all you have to do is load up on your animation passion pills and you'll make it through!

But with all these technical hurdles you still have to remember what's most important. What is the character thinking and why is he thinking that way? You have to dig deep and think about how RJ reacts to catching that can of chips. What does that can represent? It represents his life. If he doesn't give that can to Vincent the bear, he'll be eaten alive. So when he hugs that can close...he's thinking relief....his life is saved. Then we establish an obstacle, the slide. His life is in danger again. And when he screams....well, he's just thinking. Oh Shit!