Friday, February 17, 2006

San Fran...Tonga Lounge

This cute couple was sipping an incredibly large tiki drink with the longest straws I've ever seen in my life. How romantic. Let's hope they made sweet love that night.

Ahh San Francisco...she just popped into my head this morning after I stepped out of the shower. Weird...I guess it's a sign. She's calling me ...asking me to return for another visit. Such a beautiful place...can't wait to go again.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

See The Seals

These were drawn in San Pedro at the Marine Mammal Care Center. My family and I have been going here for years. They treat ill, injured, or orphaned seals and sea lions. They also educate the public about these amazing mammals. Every time I'm there, I bring something to sketch with. I think I drew these last summer.
Go to their website for more info....or if you live in Los Angeles you can go there's about an hour drive.

That's my Dad above, with the straw hat....he loves that hat. Not a great drawing, but eh, what are you gonna do.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Puddy Tats

Well another film has come and gone. I just finished my last shot on Over the Hedge this weekend. It was a real subtle scene. Limited movement can be real tricky and come out clunky if you're not careful. Thanks to the splinedoctors notes, ( I've learned to watch the corners of the mouth when changing expression or when a character is speaking. Sometimes the computer likes to make those corners real ugly and the mouth starts popping into hideous shapes. I tend to pay attention to my mouth more when acting my scenes out in front of the mirror. It makes a big difference when you're polishing up your shot. I even think about the muscles I'm using when I'm saying a particular line. If you are really sad and talking sofltly, your jaw will be very relaxed and your lips will barely move. But if you're angry or repulsed, your jaw will be taught and rigid. Ellen Woodbury , an amazing 2d, and I think now 3d animator at disney, taught me about this in one of her lectures. If you "feel" where that strain is and are aware of what muscles you're using, then you know where the force is coming from and you'll be well prepared to start your scene. But remember ...feel the scene out first. Get into the head of that character and let your imagination take over. You'll be amazed at what that character might do.
Now on to the next film...Flushed Away. This is the next Aardman/Dreamworks production. A new film, a different style, and lots to animate... I can't wait. Although I'm already starting to miss RJ and Verne.

I forget the name of this cat below. She was pretty fat and "meowed" really loud. She lives in Los Angeles, Echo Park to be exact.