Friday, July 31, 2009

Books are for SALE and AVAILABLE now!

Jeremy Bernstein and J.J. Villard at Comic Con 2009

A page from the new book. " Neon Lights in the Golden Hour. "
Acrylic, ink, and marker on brown paper.

56 pages! 28 Illustrations! 28 Original Poems! Full color! Owls galore! 6 x 9.

Limited Edition! Only 200 copies printed. All owl illustrations and poems. Funny poems, dark and twisted poems, sentimental poems, sad poems , and happy poems. Good for your kids too!

An original drawing and signature with every purchase! AND, ANDDDDD.... TWO 3 x 4 OWL STICKERS! FULL COLOR!
Get em' before they're gone!

You can mail me a personal check....just email me here first!

I'm also selling my previous books. Check out the links below!

"Say Havarti" - a collection of sketchbook doodles, characters, and drawings.

" And it Began " - a boy meets the band Daft Punk for lunch, tries on their robot helmet, and goes on a crazy visual journey.

If you want to purchase any of my books and are interested in prices, send me an email!


Kelly said...

You two look like total Rockstars.

Elmira said...

Felicidades Jeremy! I'm so sad I missed ComicCon this year...

Munchanka said...

Awesome, congrats on the book man! Can't go wrong with psychadelic owls.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Thanks Kelly.... we put on a great Rock show at the con!

Elmira! Next year for sure!

Austin! Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

flight of the navagator was an epic...

Big ups to Jean Jacques