Thursday, September 15, 2005

Girls Girls grrrrrrrrowl...and a piano.

Happy Friday ya'll....woops no it's's Thursday. Well it sure feels like a Friday... shows you where my heads at. Wow...look what I found! The Canadian premiere of Corpse Bride!
clicky click
I can't wait to see this film....

In 11th grade , at Fairfax High School, my art class took a field trip to the Disney animation studios in Glendale. We walked into a bungalow and into a small screening room....and there on that screen they played for us the most amazing thing I'd ever seen in my 16 years on this planet. The opening to The Lion King and the opening to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both still in rough form...storyboards...colored sequences here and there...some animation....and also...the music...holy crap! The music!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh! It was like an anvil and a piano hit me on the head all at once! It moved me so much that I was shaking. I didn't understand could those moving pictures...all made up...all fake...all imaginary...make me feel this way. What the hell was happening? And why was I so happy afterwards? Without a doubt..the most amazing drug. I didn't walk away critiquing the animation, editing, or design. I didn't think about composition or why that foot moved that way instead of this was the feeling....hello? Executives and management? Money hungry CEO's?? Anybody out there? FEEELIINGS! That's what's most important! Well my friends....that is what I hope you can experience from something I create one day. Be it a film, a painting, or a song. It might take me till I'm old and grey ...but I'll be working on it.

Shirley Crumpet had a crush on a man
He came from the hills and had no tan.
Eleven feet tall and covered in soot
Shirley had found, her true love Bigfoot

Thought I'd post some girly girls. I drew these in my figure drawing class my last year at Cal Arts....which would be 2003. I really felt I improved in this class more than any other. I started caricaturing the figure and adding expressions which really made it more fun. And the response I received from my peers was overwhelming. It always helps to have a great model too. They can either kill the class or bring it to life. This girl was full of positive vibes and I tried to capture that in the drawings.


Scott Wright said...

12:04 post...shouldn't you be at work?

I love these. Keep them coming!

J said...

I was at the Corpse Bride screening. There's something about 500 screaming girls making a bee line into full traffic to get a look a look at Johnny Depp from about 30 feet away that makes me simply shake my head. ALSO: note to little girls, when you write "I LOVE YOU JOHNNY DEPP" all over your face, use face paint, as sharpie doesn't wash off. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

elifbb said...

I remembered the moment I thought "I have to be cartoon, cause watching will never be enough to overcome this heartburst". I was watching a Bugs episode if I'm not mistaken, considering I have been picturing myself as an obnoxious bunny as my cartoon version.

I am not sure if I moved any further, but I will always try to be a cartoon character for sure:)

Alina Chau said...

COOL Blog!!

Anonymous said...

Australia to captainyolk. Hey man and g'day from down under. Just surfing around the net and came across your site. Was looking to make contact with some artists. Cool pictures, sweet poetry.
Me..the names Rex Enson. Live in Sydney Australia. Working to get a project off the ground and have a huge interest in animation. Like the story about the Lion King. Stay frosty. x

Anonymous said...

Email for Rex Enson is

if you would like to return communication Captain.

Sandra Khoo said...

WOO! Really great site you have here,and CONGRATS on being mentioned in Cartoon Brew! Please do post some more,I really enjoy viewing your various styles in your artworks. ;)