Monday, August 31, 2009

Dee..don..don..don..duh.duh...dee..doh..doh..duhhhn....I THINK I WANNA ROCK!!!!!

I found these voice training sessions on youtube and I'm fascinated by them. It's Michael rehearsing with his world famous vocal coach, Seth Riggs . It's so cool to hear him practicing even in 1994. Wow...what a voice!

Here's what Seth Riggs had to say on his website regarding MJ's death. It's quite touching.

"On Thursday of last week, the world wept as we all came to grips with the fact that, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had passed away. Anyone who has ever loved his music knows what an effect he had on our lives, our culture and our souls. He was truly a creative genius and gave his life to the perfection of his art.

I have worked closely with Michael for over 32 years, as his vocal coach and his friend. We have been through countless concerts, performances, rehearsals and tours… but nothing quite like his “This is it Tour”. We worked tirelessly, everyday, as Michael is indeed a true perfectionist. He took every measure to make sure he was prepared for the grueling tour, vocally and in all other aspects as well. It truly would have been a legendary tour.

The death of Michael Jackson had indeed come to me as a dramatic shock and I was overwhelmed with a deep sense of sadness. Not only for the late star, but also for all fans and friends, but most importantly, for his family. I not only lost an extraordinary pupil, I lost a great friend. He will be truly missed as one of the most inspirational, kind, and dedicated people to have graced us with his enormous talents.

At this time there are millions of press releases flooding us with “reports” and accusations. I stand strong that Michael Jackson was well before his tragic death and eager to begin his world-wind tour. I believe he was devoted to making the best tour for his fans that was humanly possibly, and beyond! Any other misquotes or assumptions posed to be my words are false, as this is my first and possibly only public statement regarding this matter. I believe that unless it is proven otherwise, his cause of death was accidental.

I do hope that in this time of mourning, we as a people, can focus on the immense greatness that Michael shared with the world, and not diminish his name with any negative accusations. He was a beacon of light and harmonious genius, and he should be remembered for all the treasures he left us. We are blessed to have lived in the time of, Michael Jackson.


Seth Riggs "

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You are always on my mind.....

These student films just seem to entertain me every time I watch them. And they are ALWAYS in the back of my mind! So I thought I'd post them and share. They all meet my criteria for satisfaction....they are weird, silly, different, entertaining, funny, caricatured, and just satisfying.


"Story from North America" by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore

"Interview with Dali" by Alex Butera

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jib Jab is awesome.

I love this video....the animation is fantastic! Love these pushed poses!! Congrats to Evan and the team that made this! Check out the making of blog too! It's incredible!! Cick: Jib Jab!!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Flynn's Arcade reveals Tron 2 bike!

Tron 2 bike unveiled at a secret location on July 25th, two blocks from Comic con. I took video of the whole thing too! It's posted at the bottom.

I meet a girl who buys my book "And it Began" at comic con. The book is about a kid who meets Daft Punk for lunch and experiences an adventure after trying on their helmet. Here's the cover and two illustrations from the book. I still have a few available if anyone is interested! $20 dollars plus $ 5 shipping and handling. Email me:

She asks me if I've heard about the underground secret promotion Disney's putting on for Tron 2. I say no. She explains what happens and tells me you can hear some of Daft Punk's score for the new movie. My jaw drops.

Here's how it went down. 9:45 p.m.

You wait in line for 45 minutes. You are then handed a gold token with "Home of Tron" on one side and " Flynn's Arcade" on the other. You enter Flynn's arcade. All the old school games and air hockey are free. 80's music is playing. For 15 minutes you think this is it. Then the lights start flickering, buzzing and static noises are heard. Then the sound of new Daft Punk music!! The Tron game on the back brick wall moves to the side to reveal an entrance way. Everyone gathers to enter into the blackened corridor. You walk down a dark hallway with architectural drawings of the Tron bike on the right wall. They are lit from behind with fluorescent light. You turn a left at the end of the corridor and there it is. New Daft Punk music continues to play as the bike slowly spins around. Two men in suits stand guard on either side of the bike. Everyone is going nuts, filming and shouting and clapping. Probably the coolest promotion I've ever seen for a movie.