Friday, August 24, 2007

Riding Scooters on the island of Spetses, Greece.

I took a trip to Greece a few weeks back and this is what it was like almost every day. Wake up, eat a light breakfast, pack up your scooter, and find a beach. I took a spill one day while trying to use my camera and make a right turn. I ended up having to pay 50 euros ( or about $68 dollars) to fix the light and some scratches on the side. I thought it would cost a lot more so I'm happy with what they charged. I think I want to buy a scooter now....they are soooo much fun. Enjoy! Oh yeah, the music I added is from a band called Ratatat.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mickey Mouse and Audie

My friend Audie Harrison sent this to me today and I had to share it with everyone.
Some of the best Computer Animation ever seen by mankind.

The above screen capture is what you'll find 3 mins and 15 seconds into it. Just beautiful.

By the way, check out Audie's Cal Art's films, they're amazing! Hand drawn baby!! Pencil and paper!

Ringed Planet!
( This one played in Cannes! "Official Selection. Kodak Emerging Filmmakers Showcase".)

The Golden Age of Wrestling
"Been training day and night, the golden belt...strapped on tight."

Where's Texas?
( I saw this my first year at Cal Arts. It blew me away. The weight of that cowboy walking down that sand dune feels amazing. I'm still trying to get a scene like that at work. It would be so much fun to animate. Add a mixture of drama and absurdity to your story and you've got brilliance.)

The Vest Gang

Keep one eye around,
or you're headed for trouble.
The Vest Gang cometh,
and they have 13 year old stuble.

Weird creatures from the deep.
At night they come and rub my feet.
It's strange I know, but they are so sweet,
Rubbing and massaging my stinky feet.

Monday, August 20, 2007

European stuff...

At the Musee de Orse, Paris.

Having dinner in Rome.

Pigeons in Murono, Italy.

Drawing in a clothing store. Rome.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A little sneak peak...

A little sneak peak of Kung Fu Panda today. Thank you You Tube member DCass99.

These maquettes were shown at the Mattel booth at the San Diego Comic Con. Nicolas Marlet designed all these characters and I'm currently animating Tai Lung and Po. Don't worry, the trailer will be out very soon. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Go here to see a little advertisement for my book, Say Havarti!

My pal Jeaux was kind enough to help me get the word out there in internet land. Thanks Jeaux!

I will also have a link on my blog soon where you can CLICK and purchase through Paypal.

So I'm back at work and still thinking about the con. Wow! What an experience. I bought books, I traded books, I sold books, we tried different strategies to sell the books, and we tried different ways of displaying the books.
Here's the first day of the Con. Look how messy the table looks! We had no clue! We figured out a neater system as the days went by.
Gabriele is scolding me once again. See the finger wag? Scott took this photo. Thanks Scott.

And here's a group shot. My head looks funny because I'm wearing a black top hat. Thanks for the photo Jenny Lerew.