Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Working Class

Here's some more doodle fun with a touch of Photoshop.

John Hill is cold.....he must go somewhere warm.

So I draw these at work when I'm not animating. Sometimes they come out grotesque...sometimes they come out just funny looking, and sometimes they come out looking like god-knows-what. That's when I throw a tantrum and stomp on my crayons! Some of the caricatures I get right away and some of them take me all day to figure out. It's wierd. I can see them in my head, crystal clear, but getting them down on paper is a real challenge. I guess that's why I like doing them... the challenge and the laugh factor. Though I have been known to piss a few people off. Which is kinda fun too....in a sick sort of way.

John Hill goes to Death Valley. But on the way he lost his horse.

Rob Domingo is my office-mate. He likes to correct my drawings any chance he gets...and has every right to. This dude can draw! He'll probably print these out, trace over them, and tell me to watch my tangents. I know Rob I know! I'm workin' on it.

He also likes golf......a little too much.

Ted Ty likes to ride bikes...he likes to ride them fast. Ride Ted ride.


Scott Wright said...

Love it! Makes me so happy.

secret admirer said...

there has been not an internet in sight
the glendale blackout you spoke of
was one in my own, hence there has been no access of technology for me, paralyzed in my mind, since my last visit.
but my curiosity of your work,
i have been over and visiting
in my mind do-tell,
what new exciting characters might be up
to put me into a spell.
i carry myself out, to a world unknown,
watching you in my daydreams working on things that, i see, are clearly shown.
u have no idea who i might be
for you have sent me no message- R-E:
but i'd much rather keep this way, off in a distance,
my admiration of you
then for you to figure out...
(this will be fun)
well maybe i'll send you some clues.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Hello secret admirer,

Please send me the clues
So I have no more blues
But I know who you are
You little sneaky star.

Anonymous said...

What a Douche.