Sunday, September 24, 2006

Even Steven

Here we have everyone's favorite story man, Steven Macleod aka:
I did these when I visited him up at Pixar a few weeks ago. He's tough to capture and I still feel like I haven't got it yet. Hopefully one day he'll sit still enough to let me draw him.

Here a blurry look at Steve and I at the Oakland Museum of California. They had an amazing exhibit about Disneyland. All about the rides, the park, the artists, abandoned ideas, and original Marc Davis drawings of Pirates!! They were incredible to see up close. They also had the original Abe Lincoln animatronic with a clear body case so you could see all the inner workings of the robot. It was amazing to see how much thought and care went into everything and every product. It was very inspiring.

Here's some young talented punks. Steven, Bailey Brent, and yours truly out to dinner in San Francisco.

Friday, September 22, 2006

I want this car.

Apparently this car was supposed to be the new Knight Rider car for an upcoming movie. It's beautiful. Turns out it's a fake pic. I still want it. Anyone know where I can get one made?