Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sketch sketch..tra la la...

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And hello to all of you new people out there. I've been checking out who's been viewing the page and in the last 100 visits it seems like the whole world has stopped by. Hello to Spain, England, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Italy, Israel, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, and Norway. Hi world.

So here are some sketchbook pages... the top drawing was done at a Starbucks in Valencia, Ca. They were standing in line for their Cappucino latte frape tall grande with a dash of soymilk and cinnamon syrup sauce and a mashed potato topping. The big guy was about 7 feet tall and the little lady was about 4 feet tall. They weren't a couple but I think they should be.

I thought about cropping these drawings but I kind of like the look of the sketchbook in there. It's just more interesting to me.

This lil' pooch reminds me of Droopy...I don't know, maybe I was channeling his droopiness when I drew it. I think he'd make a fine little character and one day maybe I'll animate him.

Boogey man boogey man,
Moving to the city.
Practicing his scaring skills
While looking quite silly.

These are some studies for an animation test I did back in school. Oooh scary. I've got some ideas for this dude so maybe you'll be seeing him soon. Hopefully in a short film or maybe in a cameo in one of my friends' films.

These are some fine chaps working in the animation field today. Joe is a funny lookin' music makin' character designer.
Jeff is a funny lookin' character designer and story supervisor, and Dave is a funny lookin' animator, story supervisor, and figure drawing teacher. The drawings don't exactly look like them...but my intention wasn't to caricature them. I was more focused on getting their gestures down. It's really important to observe people and the way they walk, stand, or sit. As an animator, you're basically an actor..breathing life into these characters. And the more you observe the more ideas will come to you when you're stuck on a scene. These were drawn in Jeff Ranjo's class back in 2003. It was a great lecture on character design and storyboarding and Joe (working at Disney Feature) and Dave (working at Dreamworks Feature) had some really great things to say about the studio system and the differences between the two companies.


Scott Wright said...


Alina Chau said...

COOOL sketches and drawings!

Eric Deuel said...

Dude there is this dude who lives down the street from me who looks exactly like that.. His nickname is Truck... He wears short shorts and has a handle bar mustache...

Anonymous said...

I don't know Kristof altho I know of him. I love your drawing and the other sketches and caricatures as well.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody. Glad you all dropped by!

I haven't seen "Truck" yet...but you should draw him and post it.