Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dinner time

Chef Alfred had a peculiar way
Of delivering his meal to his guests each day.
I'm not at all suprised I suppose
For his last job he wore a big red nose.

Sorry no posts in awhile. My roomie and I (Sean Szeles) had a ginormous halloween party this weekend and had so much to do to prepare for it. We decked out the entire apartment with ghosts, pirates, skeletons, and more. Whew...what a task. Here's what we looked like.

Me as Ali G , Soyon An as a Kabuki Ballerina, Sean Szeles as an old timey robber, and Kellie Smith as a boy scout.

Man that was fun....now to clean up the place.


MARILLA said...

ALI G!!!! i missed it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny! You all look great. Hi to Soyon

SMacLeod said...

Liz thought you were Cromeo at first :)

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Bonjour Alix! Nice to see you over here....
Hi Mari and Steve....wish you guys were there...oh well...there's always next halloween.

Alina Chau said...

Nice funny drawing!