Thursday, November 17, 2005


Madagascar DVD came out on Tuesday!
Go check it out if you haven't seen it. I'll post all the shots I worked on soon so that you can watch them over and over and over and over again. Ok, once is enough...or you'll catch all my errors. I just have to fast forward through the movie and remember them. Just don't blink when you watch...some shots are very quick. I think I'll post some thumbnail drawings too so that you can really get inside my head and see how I think and plan out a shot.

This was my second feature I've worked first was Shrek 2. I had such a great time animating these crazy cartoony characters that it really felt like could push these characters so much and the character rigs rarely broke or got funky. This isn't a perfect film, nor is it a masterpiece....but many live action films are perfect and masterpieces? Sooner or later an animated gem will hit and kapowey! You'll be moved beyond words. But hey, I'm working on making a film like that one day so just be a little patient. OK? okee dokee.

Double D as I like to call him...or Donachada Daly as others call him....was my supervising animator on this film as well as Rex Grignon. Mr. James "Badass" Baxter was also my supervisor as well as a mentor. They all helped me out a great deal on my animation and timing and without their assistance I probably wouldn't be sitting here animating on Hedge. So thanks guys!


nick said...

hey jeremy,thanks for the nice comment on my blog.3d up here is going well, i am really liking the animating but design and boarding are favorites too.....hope you post more madagasgear stuff...the pose to pose style looks so great
All the best

Cecilia's Art said...

hi! very nice drawings! i like your sketches a lot!
that movie is great and the drawings, words.

Max Perelman said...

Jeremy--can't wait to see what scenes you worked on. I just watched the Madagascar DVD last night--I hadn't seen it in the theaters--and I was really impressed. You're right, it's not a masterpiece, but the design and animation *are* awesome, and the problems in story and voice acting just make that clearer. There were a number of times when (much as I love Ben Stiller in Zoolander, Arrested Development, etc.) I would look at Alex and think, 'man, the animation here is so much more interesting than the voice' or wish there were more shots with the Giraffe (Marvin?) even tho' I hate David Schwimmer--cuz' the slapstick animation is so sweet. So... Dreamworks management: Easy on the Pop-culture references! Better stories!
But! Dreamworks/PDI animators, matte painters, storyboarders, FX folks: ye are like unto gods. Rock on.

St John Street said...

This is more of how cg designs should be not all that realism.

MARILLA said...

i just realized again besides your talent as fine artist, you are awesome character animator!!!
i want to be a cool real character animator too.. someday...

SMacLeod said...

Finally I can sit and watch it! ;D