Monday, October 24, 2005


Hello out there in internet computer land. Here's my gift of the day...some doodles and drawings from a few years back. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to explain the birthday drawing from my previous post. Well that drawing was done for JJ Villard, the brilliant artist and most disgusting friend I know. But I use the word "disgusting" in the most positive sense...for those traits are what make our conversations about the reality of life so intersting. The drawing was done in honor of his attempt to jump on stage at an M.I.A concert and present her with a painting. Though his courageous attempts were thwarted by a vicious man-eating security gaurd who's tiger like instincts quickly stopped him. Too would have been awesome. This isn't his first stage attempt see, JJ gets what he wants....ask Gwen Stefani about it.

Here's Sean Szeles with no nose....and no moustache! Probably done at Cal Arts 2002.

This is Bigfoot. The most hairiest, ugliest creature on earth. He's also loud and funny and performs at the comedy store in Hollywood. He eats cabbage and sauerkrout and sometimes small squirrels. He been known to scarf down Hamentashens and Potato Latkes without breathing. He is also known by the U.S. Park Ranger Services as Ron Yavnieli
He's also a good friend.


secret admirer said...

Sounds sexy.
Looks sexy.
Well, here's a clue for you.

Spooky bats
and witches' cats.
pumpkin heads that glow.

Goblins howling,
monsters prowling,
everywhere you go...

These scary sights
and shivery frights
can only mean one thing...

This clue will bring you to me
this fun filled halloween.

St John Street said...

hose are some great drawing.