Monday, June 11, 2007

Surf's up is fantastic!

I really didn't think this movie was going to be anything special. Boy did they prove me wrong.
Go see it! It has heart! Yes it's true it really does! Great characters, great writing, and the main character is likeable. It has caricatured animation. Stretch and squash! The characters have weight! You feel like they could really be injured! Funny gags that aren't cliche. Great designs! And most importantly, each character is well thought out and HAS A BACK STORY! Which in turn makes the acting outstanding!

My hats off to you Sony animation crew.....and to Jeff Ranjo, head of story. Damn Jeff, you got me choked up in some scenes. You are my hero. I will see this again in the doubt.

Well this is interesting. This is from an interview with Jeff Bridges and Shia LaBeouf...the 2 main voices in the film .

"This film was different than other animated movies in that you were given the opportunity to actually be with the other actors while recording your voice. How did that process work?

Jeff Bridges: “It was in a room about the quarter the size of the stage and they had video cameras set up. We’d all play together and they’d video us. There was lots of improvisation.”

Shia LaBeouf: “They’d set up mics at different locations. We’d move across the room and there’d be a mic set up over there and Jeff would be in the middle of something. I’d be walking from there to here and there’d be a mic set up here and we’d block it just like a play.”
Click here for the whole interview.


Anonymous said...

I surprisingly enjoyed this film too. Its been awhile since I felt so good about an animated film.

cheers buddy! Hope all is well with you!

-Chandra (Chuck)

Benjamin said...

I was planning to avoid this film, as nothing about it appealed to me at all, but virtually EVERYONE is giving it great reviews! I guess I'll have to go see it...

And about recording together... I've always wondered why no-one ever did it that way before. I mean, if you're going to pay those actors (in some cases) $20mil, they might as well try to find some time on their schedule where they can get together to record. I've always thought that if I'd ever get the chance to direct, I'd push to get my actors together for a few weeks, let them actually rehearse or at least do some readings as they would in other films or plays, and then let them do their thing. How can this not lead to better results?

Serguei said...

I'm with you on that. It has a heart. I like it too.'o)

Craig D said...

Amazingly, the reviewer in the Fayetteville Observer (NC) tore into this movie. I get the feeling he had written the review before he saw the film, because he spends the first third of the piece bemoaning the whole CGI-TALKING ANIMAL genre. He then complains about the actors "phoning in" their performances and belittling the characters and story.

Screw him, says I! I really want to see this one. Thanks for the info, captainyolk!

Jeff said...

Thanks Capin' !! I have to give credit to my directors and the FANTASMIC story Surf's Up story crew: Denise Koyama, Cody Cameron, Ed Gombert, Kaan Kalyon, Matt Taylor, Kris Pearn, Jason Lethcoe, and yes...even Bob Logan. TONS of story experience here. You do know that Ed was HOS on Aladdin right??? And Kaan, don't even get me started on Kaan. Cody Cameron...timing yo, timing AND a voice talent! Just go see the movie. PLEASE!!! Oh and can you link Storyboredom instead of R0BOTOP!A? The robot blog is just a silly little blog. Thanks Jeremy you're the best.

PS So wait, what does Jim Hull think about it?