Monday, June 18, 2007


Here we have our family dog. Corky is a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel who has arthritis in his joints. He was attacked yesteday by a dog the size of a bear. Seriously, have any of you ever seen an Akita? My sister was walking him (on the opposite side of the street)when the bear attacked (crossing the street). I had to pull the beast off of him by the scruff of his neck while my sister sat in the grass screaming. I could barely budge him. The owner came quickly and we both got him off. Sad thing is, the Akita had no collar or leash on, he had broken out of it as he lunged after his next meal. Corky now has 2 deep bites on either side of his neck. A little note to all of you Akita owners: Use some common sense next time your 7 year old kid wants to walk a dog that weighs 3 times their weight. People are insane and idiots.

Corky is doing all right now. He's on some meds and is finally wagging his tail.
Here's a page I drew up while waiting at the Vet's office.


Jolies Couleurs said...

Poor Corky. I'm glad he's ok, but I hope those jerks are paying the vet bills.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

You bet they are!

Anonymous said...

I'm truly sorry to hear about your pet. My pet is like my kid. If anything happened to him, I'd die.

Give the big cocker a great big hug for me.

Matt Williames said...

poor dog! Speedy recovery Corky!

Sheri Moon (Aaron's cousin) said...

Jeremy, sorry to hear about Corky. Good thing you and your sister remained safe. Hope Corky's recovery is speedy. We have a chihuahua, I think an Akita bite would just swallow him whole. Take care.