Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Introducing Dan Deacon

I saw Dan Deacon perform last night. It was so much fun. Here's a taste of him.
Different? yes. Weird? yes. Energetic? Yes. Fun? yes. Sweaty? yes. Colorful? yes. Enjoy.....

"Dan! Can I get a photo of us??...It's me, Captainyolk!"

A side note about the banana ipod.
He hates using the Ipod. When pausing and then playing, the music slowly fades into the song....instead of just playing instantly and loud. This pisses him off....but the show must go on.


Richard said...

I sure could use a post to my blog...Your stuff is great, I just wanted to tag on to some great talent. I already have you linked.
Keep the great work coming.


samacleod said...

What a strange guy.