Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yipee Ahy Yay

She arrived after midnight...entering the pub with her long curly hair. Everyone turned around except me. No way was I looking at this dame again. She broke my heart once and I aint havin' that again. I could hear the murmur of the patrons as she downed shot after shot of tequila.

I awoke from what seemed like a nap. Although I don't recall naps invlolving ropes. My wrists ached and pulsated. These two dames were sitting in front of me. As sex crazed as I was, I had to shut my eyes and resist their temptation. Blood began to pour down my forehead. I was injured. Who are these girls and what do they want with me?
I was about to find out.

Abigail and Misty. Two of the finest librarians in the West.

She looked at me and if she enjoyed knocking me down with the butt of her rifle. This girl was strong and confident. I've never seen concentration like she focused and clear. Will we ever survive this dry desert together? I sure hope so.


Greg said...

Hi. Nice blog. Please drop me a line when you get a chance: greg[at]


EKG! said...

Jeremy!!!! Yo, these are tight!!! I like the storyline you posted with each one. Miss seeing your drawings man.

Anonymous said...

Ever see the classic 1967 book by famed South African photographer Sam Saskins, "Cowboy Kate & Other Stories?" I don't think you have. But your drawings and commentary are delightfully reminiscent of that book's attitude.