Monday, January 15, 2007

Last of the Cowboys



Here we have Steven Macleod ( and Erik Fountain waiting for food at the 24 hour Denny's in Valencia. It's one of the best places to hash out story ideas. Plus, they provide you with endless amounts of coffee.

Food for thought. Erik's thinking really hard about ordering "moons over my hammy".

Here's Morgan Kelly ( telling me a story in his office at work. Drawn on napkin. If you ever need help telling a story..just ask Morgan and I to help. We'll help you with the setup, the twist, and the payoff. We're big on details. So if you're telling us a story about your trip to the beach...and you fail to include the drive there, the weather, the type of air texture, and the clothing you are wearing....well, you need help, story help that is . Paint me a's the best way to tell stories.


SMacLeod said...

Awesome drawings. What is this new layout crap though??? You are spending WAY too much time on the computer!!!! ;)

what are you doing are your day off? I'm drawing! W/ Joel! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Even though the animated faces aren't exact, you're always so good at capturing the essence of the subject. Luv how I can always feel a sense of the person in all your work. - soy

Scott Wright said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the top two...great job.

Sean said...

That's the best morgan I've seen in a while. What's that, two thumbs on one hand? Sometimes you don't want to spend too much time on the details of a story and miss the bigger picture.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

steve-- I don't know what's up with the layout...I thought I'd change it up for 2007. It sucks that I lost all my links though.

Soy- Thanks Soy..that's one of the hardest capture a sense of the person. Sometimes it's easy, most of the time it's not.

Scott- Thanks for the LOVE!

Sean- Wow! It's been awhile since you've commented! You're right, you do want to get to the meat of the story...but how you get there and how you keep your audience hooked is just as important.