Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's alive...

I glance over the figure drawing model and see a better subject: Alex . And so ....I draw.

Waiting for the movies in Burbank. I spot a homeless man. What do I have to draw on? Nothing. Wait. In my back pocket. Ah yes, my paycheck envelope. Thank god for paychecks.

Long phone conversation. Who it's with? I have no idea. Must keep moving to stay alive. Pen, paper....success.

Dave Pimentel lecturing. I stare at that goatee...and then back up at the thick glasses. My hand starts moving and then...a turtle Dave is born.


joonasjoonas said...

alex seems enthusiastic. and what a goatee Turtle D has! Nice blog

bsleven said...

Dude, Jeremy you rock.

: )

Jenny said...


Skribbl said...

Holy crap nice drawings! Dave. How can you not draw him? Also be careful when drawing on your paycheck envelope. I can almost make out your net pay! And use that vacation huh?

BTW I have found new scooter pimping materials if you want to know. Call me! (get my number from Dave P.)