Friday, December 09, 2005

More figs for my friends

Since Jason Schleifer suggested we should all practice our ball bounces, I decided to animate one and here it is. Click the fast button on the bottom for even more fun.


Hello space are some more figure drawings. They're pretty messy and rough..which is how I like em.


St John Street said...

These are hot man and thanks for for kind words I hope to learn more from you if you don't mind sharing the knowledge. I love life drawing are these done from a model or out of the doom piece

MARILLA said...

jeremi...I made alien animation ...check it out !!! are so goooooooooooooooooood!!!
serch marilla...

Jeremy Bernstein said...

hey St. John street...yup these were done from live models from a fig. drawing class here at work. they were 3-5 min. poses.

Hi Mari! I will check out your animation ....right now! kapow!

myung said...

I dig the third one with the yellow.
great line of action and attitude. Ive also always luved rough and scribly lines.. We dont need to see all the details... just enough to get us imagining the rest.
(man, i gotta get back to figure drawing. 10sec poses all the way~) :P

Jedidiah Mitchell said...

damn. I love your life drawings. keep it up.