Monday, December 05, 2005

Just relax

I finished that huge shot on Friday...and this weekend I was able to relax. It's weird...I've been tense ever since I had that shot on my hands and now it's done... and this weekend was awesome. I even slept...a lot.

Some conceptual designs I drew a few months ago. I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular. I just wanted to get something on paper quick. I think it would be fun to just animate something in each panel and then piece them together...throw a music track to it and see what happens.

I went snowboarding in Mammoth Ca. during Thanksgiving weekend. I also walked on a frozen lake. While walking to the lake we spotted this man ice-skating with his dog trotting right beside him. My friends and I all wondered...."How does he know if it's safe?" Well, we asked ...and he responded "I don't." And then his dog said " Woof, save me, I'm cold and scared." Turns out the lake was very shallow, and pretty much frozen solid...but it still would crack a little under your feet. You could even hear it! It was pretty freaky and beautiful at the same time. We also saw amazing ice-icles on plants surrounding another lake...check out the 4 that look like upside down bats! Wow...nature is weird...huh?

Me trying to eat snow. Humans are weird..huh?


Steve said...

I was sick all last week Jeremy so I'm posting about your madagascar stuff, or "gascard" as my two year old calls it =]

She loves this movie and we watch at least once a day since I bought it a few weeks back... I am way more in love with the film now than I was when I first saw it, and I'm really starting to appreciate what you guys did, some really great things in the movie... And did I mention my daughter really loves it =]

SMacLeod said...

Those pictures are amazing! And you've done it! You posted video. Here comes the madness! email me how, okay?

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Hey steve...glad you and your daughter are enjoying Madagascar. I really enjoyed working on it and the team was so much fun.
It was a lot of hard work but I think we did a great job with the animation...
thanks for stopping by and see ya soon!

Oh another funny! I'll tell you the video secret soon. Mwhahahahh!

jeaux janovsky said...

doooode. snow is awesome. i am glad it wasnt yeller snow.
that makes me really want an icee now or a sno cone for some reason.... curse you jeremy!!!