Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas...and happy everything else everyone.....
Leaving for Utah tonight...Plane leaves at 7:30. Going to Salt Lake City and then off to Park City for snowboarding. Packing my bags while I blog. Looking forward to beautiful snow and beautiful scenery. Also looking forward to riding my new snowboard! Presents are all delivered and it's time for vacation, relaxation, and concentration. My birthday is on the 28th...what a coincidence...I'm also turning 28. Happy birthday to me ...yay. 2 years to 30 ..wait...that's not exciting. Or maybe it is...we'll see when I get there. I'm rambling...I better finish packing. Hmmm...How many sketchbooks to bring? I received so many from my wonderful family and friends that I don't know which one to choose. I'll close my eyes and pick.

Down below are drawings from old sketchbooks....the oldest probably being from 1999. I still like them though. They remind me of school. Ok...better stop stalling...gotta get to the airport. See you in 2006!


jeaux janovsky said...

cool jeremey! have a good relaxing trip and happy warm holidays and new years, and an even cooler b-day! it's gonna be yr royal b-day! i.e.- when yr birthday date lands on yr actual age er vice versa. i had mine when i was seventeen. (i was born on March 17th)
many many moons ago. lol.
take care bro!
hit me up when you get back.

SMacLeod said...

Have a safe trip back.

Andrea said...

The color on these are great! What type of pens are you using? Is it pens?