Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Here's a bird
He likes to smoke.
A fine chap he is
I hope he chokes.

For he took my hat far and away
Spat and shat on it every day.
Wasn't very nice of him.
And so I cooked him up for din.

That poems' a little I thought I'd write another. I don't know where these come from but it's kind of weird and magical.

Here's a bird.
I'll call him Joe.
Sophisticated chap
A beautiful crow.

Sent his honey gifts and such.
No reply,
He's out of luck.
Spends his time dreaming of the day,
The memories of her will wash away.

What's funny is, this one came out darker and even sad! What the??! Oh well, I guess that's what you'll have to expect from me.

These boards below are from that same film idea I mentioned earlier. Man, that tree is angry!


donnachada said...

Welcome to blogland.
Get those caracatures up.

Anonymous said...

well.. that one was funny. Nice work old chap!
continuez monsieur Gloomy

Anonymous said...

hey Jeremy!
Thanks for the e-mail about your 'blog. I like your drawings and your cynical/bittersweet poems. What feature film are you working on?
---Mark Walt- oops, I mean,
Admiral Jellybean

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Hey Admiral Jellybean. Thanks for the kind words. I'm animating at Dreamworks right now on a little thing called "Over the Hedge". It's pretty fun...the trailer should come out with Wallace and Grommit.

Captain of the Yolk