Monday, August 29, 2005

Old Sad Crow

Old sad crow,
sittin in the snow.
Feathers' a freezing
right down to his toes.
Thoughts were swirling
away with the wind.
Dreaming of his home
and all of his kin.

Here's my first piece! Don't have much artwork on my computer here at work so I'll have to start scanning at home very soon. This was a vignette done for a film idea my friends and I were working on awhile ago. We kind of stopped when we ran out of story steam...but who knows... maybe an idea will come to me while I daydream.

Ahhh daydreaming....seems like I have no time for that anymore. Animating on a feature film takes alot out of you...but there's seems to be a certain pocket of creative energy that unleashes every so often and I explode with ideas. Those moments feel so good and I hope to share a little of that with everyone. Recently we've been doing lots of caricatures here at work. I'll be posting some of them a word to the more sensitive folks out's just the way I see you. Hahahah! I kid kid. If you'd like me to take it off the site just let me know.
Now..on with the show.


Devo! said...

WEooooooo you are now an offical blog whore, your stuff looks awesome, more, I WANT MORE!!

jeaux janovsky said...

bad ass jeremy!

Dennis West said...

Very nice work! I look forward to seeing more!

Holly said...

Well done!

Alina Chau said...

Very nice!

Marion said...


Debbie said...

Very Cool Man!

Queen Tut said...

This is great, I would not like to meet this character when Im out alone. Lovely illo! I will come back.