Thursday, August 06, 2009

Flynn's Arcade reveals Tron 2 bike!

Tron 2 bike unveiled at a secret location on July 25th, two blocks from Comic con. I took video of the whole thing too! It's posted at the bottom.

I meet a girl who buys my book "And it Began" at comic con. The book is about a kid who meets Daft Punk for lunch and experiences an adventure after trying on their helmet. Here's the cover and two illustrations from the book. I still have a few available if anyone is interested! $20 dollars plus $ 5 shipping and handling. Email me:

She asks me if I've heard about the underground secret promotion Disney's putting on for Tron 2. I say no. She explains what happens and tells me you can hear some of Daft Punk's score for the new movie. My jaw drops.

Here's how it went down. 9:45 p.m.

You wait in line for 45 minutes. You are then handed a gold token with "Home of Tron" on one side and " Flynn's Arcade" on the other. You enter Flynn's arcade. All the old school games and air hockey are free. 80's music is playing. For 15 minutes you think this is it. Then the lights start flickering, buzzing and static noises are heard. Then the sound of new Daft Punk music!! The Tron game on the back brick wall moves to the side to reveal an entrance way. Everyone gathers to enter into the blackened corridor. You walk down a dark hallway with architectural drawings of the Tron bike on the right wall. They are lit from behind with fluorescent light. You turn a left at the end of the corridor and there it is. New Daft Punk music continues to play as the bike slowly spins around. Two men in suits stand guard on either side of the bike. Everyone is going nuts, filming and shouting and clapping. Probably the coolest promotion I've ever seen for a movie.


Kelly said...

It was a pleasure. :)

Munchanka said...

RAD. At the video's 2:00 mark, everything's black and white except some lady in a red coat. Kinda Schindler's List-ish. Cool looking book, too, man!

Smarry said...

I have very much crazy about the bike thanks for the posting very nice video ..............

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