Monday, July 20, 2009

A page out of the new book!!!

All systems goooo!!!

My new book is done! I know! I can't believe it either!

56 pages! 28 Illustrations! 28 Original Poems! Full color! Owls galore! 6 x 9!
Limited Edition! Only 200 copies printed!
An original drawing and signature with every purchase! Get em' before they're gone!

I'll be selling the new books at comic con starting this Wednesday! Come say hello! Booth C05. I'll also be selling two of my previous books.

"Say Havarti" - a collection of sketchbook doodles, characters, and drawings.

" And it Began " - a boy meets the band Daft Punk for lunch, tries on their robot helmet, and goes on a crazy visual journey.

If you want to purchase any of my books and are interested in prices, send me an email! !!

I also share a table at the con with J.J. Villard! He'll be selling his new book too! More details to come about it soon. Check out the cover!