Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mickey Mouse and Audie

My friend Audie Harrison sent this to me today and I had to share it with everyone.
Some of the best Computer Animation ever seen by mankind.

The above screen capture is what you'll find 3 mins and 15 seconds into it. Just beautiful.

By the way, check out Audie's Cal Art's films, they're amazing! Hand drawn baby!! Pencil and paper!

Ringed Planet!
( This one played in Cannes! "Official Selection. Kodak Emerging Filmmakers Showcase".)

The Golden Age of Wrestling
"Been training day and night, the golden belt...strapped on tight."

Where's Texas?
( I saw this my first year at Cal Arts. It blew me away. The weight of that cowboy walking down that sand dune feels amazing. I'm still trying to get a scene like that at work. It would be so much fun to animate. Add a mixture of drama and absurdity to your story and you've got brilliance.)


Sean said...

Damn that's so funny, good animation... Audie's not mickey's.

Jeff said...

The Mickey thing....FTW?

Where is Audie working now???

Cuzn Aaron said...

Yo... check this OUT, by the same animator (the mickey one -- doctorlegua). It's Luciano Pavarotti in a 3D floating palsy attack. His hand has also turned into a claw. He also has a weird shrugging tick. But it's Pavarotti!