Thursday, August 02, 2007


Go here to see a little advertisement for my book, Say Havarti!

My pal Jeaux was kind enough to help me get the word out there in internet land. Thanks Jeaux!

I will also have a link on my blog soon where you can CLICK and purchase through Paypal.

So I'm back at work and still thinking about the con. Wow! What an experience. I bought books, I traded books, I sold books, we tried different strategies to sell the books, and we tried different ways of displaying the books.
Here's the first day of the Con. Look how messy the table looks! We had no clue! We figured out a neater system as the days went by.
Gabriele is scolding me once again. See the finger wag? Scott took this photo. Thanks Scott.

And here's a group shot. My head looks funny because I'm wearing a black top hat. Thanks for the photo Jenny Lerew.


Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

C'mon Jeremy it wasn't just me.
Look at the picture carefully and you'll see that Jakob was scolding you too.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Yeah...I guess you're right. I will behave next year. I promise.

Jenny said...

Gee--I liked the hat!

Now just what shens were you committing that led to this dressing-down, eh?

I'm glad you were trying different things with the booth. It had to be a learning experience with a steep curve to all be there for the first time ever--selling.
Those booths really need the ol' eye candy to attract jaded/overwhelmed con visitors...and I heard you guys were drawing there later, which always brings a crowd--seeing anyone drawing/painting.

Griselda Sastrawinata said...

Hey Jer bear....

You got lots of random cool stuff in your blog.


Serguei said...

Nice Picture!

Elmira said...

I know one of the techniques you guys used to sell books... I must admit, it was brilliant!