Monday, May 12, 2008

The Bernstein's Family Dog

I was with my sister and Dad yesterday evening at the Vet. Our family dog was on his 16th year and suffering from internal bleeding. I drew these while we said our goodbyes. He was somewhat alert and did pick his head up and raise his brows when I entered the room. I love that he had a little spot on his nose that was shaped like a heart. It was a little faded from age...but it was still there.
I was there when my Dad brought him home for us in 1992 and I was with him at the end. He was a great dog.... loving, friendly, and always curious. He was still digging through the kitchen garbage just two weeks ago. He was also a good dancer. You could hold him by his front two paws and do a little tango.
Goodbye Corkscrew J. Cork. You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
All dogs go to heaven. Even Kujo.

Jenny said...

These are really lovely sketches.

My oldest dog is now 13, pretty old for labs. I dread the day I have to be in that vet office.
But when I am I think now I'll bring my sketchbook too.

Devin said...

Sorry to hear about Corky dude. I feel your pain. I lost Molly my cat a few years back. He ( was a "he" and "his" name was "Molly") died in my arms...:(

rachelmira said...

i'm sorry about your doggie :(

Anonymous said...
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