Thursday, May 24, 2007

San Francisco: Golden Gate Park's Rose Garden

He was drawing away when the paparazzos spotted him. He had no clue they were there. Wearing his trusty green shirt, he assumed he was well camouflaged. He was wrong. They pounced on him like a lion on a New York steak...cooked medium well.

Drawing away at three unsuspecting mammals. These creatures were so calm and serene. As if the Rose Garden cast a spell over their senses. They were so chill and relaxed and caused no threat to my well being.

Perhaps with the use of current electronic technology....these drawings will be shown to all of you soon.

Captainyolk Fact Corner:
Here's an interesting fact about me. If you stay for the credits of Shrek 3. Look for Eddie Murphy's name. I animated three green babies sleeping, crawling, and bouncing.
Eddie and I are pals now.

Paparazzi Photo Journalist: Nadia Bacon