Thursday, April 19, 2007

If you have the must watch

The Murder of Lord Waterbook
Alexander Bubnov

I found this on

"Winner of Best Dramaturgy Award and 3rd-best-rating at the 2006 Open Russian Festival of Animated Film." Oh it's so good and so funny. The timing is slow paced and very different from today's awful barrage of hedache inducing films (ahem) but
you still get a great sense of humor out of all the characters and the story is fun and silly. Brilliant! Plus there are pauses!! And no annoying music over every single scene.

Hello feature animation peeps out there. Let's bring back some pauses and breathing room in our films. Come on!! Fight those executives tooth and nail for it! Please don't let them walk all over don't deserve it!! Bake them some cookies and maybe they'll leave us artists alone for once.

Here are some original sketches...


Serguei said...

Wow, this is bold! I mean cool.
Jeremy, the think about slow pace is that ... it's good when you have something to say, but when it's a 'product'
you better do it fast and ridiculously funny. So audience would laugh through out with no time for any thinking.
I guess this audience want the entertaiment after all.

Edward Juan said...

hey jeremy. I watched some of it and it is pretty funny. I'm working on my portfolio, insane, INSANE PRESSURE. I'm graduating so I'm freaking out. you know how that feels, 4 years ago. heh.

Evad said...

This stuff is great. Halfway through it got so off the wall I was laughing out loud. Its my sense of humor. Where did you first see this?

Serguei said...

Hi Jeremy, I did contacted Alex Bobnoff himself. He is my old friend. Now, Alex'd love to talk to you but his English is not good at all. He can speak French...?
Well, I have an idea. Call me.

danG said...
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danG said...

This is a damn fine cartoon and we definitely need more films like this in the states.