Thursday, February 08, 2007

What makes me happy...(updated)

Why won't this dance make a comeback? I guess it's up to me to bring it back. Look at those moves!
Check out those elbow grabs! And chicken wing poses! This makes me happy.

Look! Here's the original! I like the daft punk version better.


Cassidy said...


Wish I'd had this for reference when I had to make Granny do the Charleston for the end credits on Mad. The best I could find at the time was "Singin' in the Rain". That was just your basic vanilla Charleston though; this is like a full-on rainbow swirl Charleston with sprinkles!

The Daft Punk version is cool, but it would have been better if they had picked a different track that matched the rhythm...

Jeremy Bernstein said...

hey cassidy!
It actually does match the rhythm. Though not on youtube. I've seen it at a different site and it matches beautifully.

The more sprinkles the better.

Skribbl said...

I see the origins of swing, popping and toprocking!

Sexual Chocolate!!