Friday, September 22, 2006

I want this car.

Apparently this car was supposed to be the new Knight Rider car for an upcoming movie. It's beautiful. Turns out it's a fake pic. I still want it. Anyone know where I can get one made?


SMacLeod said...

Dude, just put a light on Vicky the Vixen!

aaron said...

Hi Captain,

I want this one:

-aaron b.

brother grim said...

Its a Swedish car called a Koenigsegg CCX, it sells for nearly half a million dollars, you're right, that is a fake picture.

The CCX is available from one dealership in the US (Los Vegas) and it is a monster. If you want to see it in action go to YouTube and do a search for 'Top Gear' it should show you everything you need to know.

Junior Perrera said...

Now that looks definitely like a badass car. No wonder it's supposedly the new Knight Rider car. It's quite rare here in the US, isn't it?