Friday, August 18, 2006

Looky what I Gots!

I went to the JOHN K lecture last week at Van Eaton Gallery and look what I scored! Original artwork for free! The talk was great and made me think of all the funny drawings I used to do before computer animation entered my system. Now I'm all ones and zeros, but soon I will unleash the fury of my hand drawn skills upon the world and make them laugh and gurgle and have brain orgasms. Gulp, I hope! Marlo Meekins and Eddie Fitzgerald were there as well!

Here we have a portrait of me...look at those speedos! Wow!

Well looky here...hmm don't know who that handsome devil is. I'll have to look him up on google.

Boy do I look intelligent here don't I? Eddie has the best laugh ever...I showed him my drawings of him and his laughter resonated deep within my heart. I'll post some of my drawings of these 3 cartoonists soon.

Here's my buddy JJ Villard. If you don't know him, well you soon will. He's a force that will knock you down, turn your brain inside out and question the meaning of life.

Here we have the Swiss, Simon Otto...currently a Supervising Animator on Flushed Away

Simon deep in thought..thinking of soccer most likely.

Jason Carter, looking disheveled on a friday afternoon. Crunch time on a film will do this to everyone I'm sad to say.

Eric Deuel getting ready for his part in Pirates of the Caribbean it's true folks, it's very true. There are a bunch of bearded blokes walking around here at DW just waiting to be extras.
There's a little scooter on his shoulder because the day before I drew this, he bought one.


Eric Deuel said...

You rock J! Thanks for the flattering drawing.. Keep em coming!

Jenny said...

Nice drawings, Jeremy!

-J.J. will not only knock you down and turn your brain inside out, he'll scare the shite out of you by making noises akin to a wrecking ball as he pays a friendly visit to a pal who sit two doors down from you...this I know. ; )

Cool drawings you scored there, too--you definitely must post your own versions of those three. Now that FA is finis, are you going to be perhaps posting a wee bit more? One hopes!

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Thanks Jenny!

Love your blog by the way. Yeah hopefully I will have more time to post. FA is finally finished, got my last shot finaled yesterday! Wow...I can finally breathe again! It's been awhile ya know.

Yes, JJ scares the hairs right off of my arm too. His visits to my office are also quite extraordinary and filled with many strange sounds.

Jennifer Hager said...

Jeremy, that Simon Otto in thought drawing is too awesome! ;)!

martin wittig said...

Wow! What an awesome post! Love the line work on these:)

Young Vo said...

Wow, when you unleash... the world laughs. Awsome drawings!