Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Make a wish

Visit Sienna

Stand in St. Peters Square

And see the Trevi fountain in Rome

"Legend says that if you toss a coin into the Trevi fountain over your shoulder, you will one day return to the eternal city." The name "Trevi" allegedly derives from the word Trivium, a meeting point of three streets that form this little widened area.

Don't worry, drawings to come soon...I promise! Please come back. Thank you kindly. I love you all.


SMacLeod said...

Man, I miss Italy so much! I drew that fountain too. It still looks so beautiful. How's about we all make a studio out there. I don't know if I could animate inside all day though. I'd just ride a bike around all day and draw people.
Hope we get to see more pictures. Now's the time to see 'em.

Jenny said...

ahhhh, bellissima!

Eric Deuel said...

Hey that's the fountain from La Dolche Vita!
Fabulous Film.. Jeremey I'm suprised you didn't take off your clothes and hop in..

themonkmob said...

uh oh. Rome?! I never liked Rome, my dad and I styaed in Venice for a while and went to Rome; I thought it was BORING. just a bunch of rocks :D I'm not one for sight seeing, but for you - next stop: VENICE! It's a great place.

Anonymous said...

hey jeremey!
if i zip yr blog up and down with the rolly thing on my mouse i can almost animate you flipping that coin. it's funny.
hope all is well!

SMacLeod said...

captain nothing...egg yolk. It's time to post again.

And post on our site too!