Friday, April 07, 2006

Yes I'm alive

Well it's been awhile? Huh? Crazy comments on the last post eh? Haven't had time to really respond to all of the comments yet. Sorry everyone. My minds been involved in other things which I will share with you very soon. Very good things actually. One of which is a trip to Italy and the other involves drawing. Can you guess? No don't! We don't want to jinx it! I'm leaving on Monday to Rome and will be gone for 2 weeks. Yup, it's a much needed vacation from all the animation madness that is stored in my brain. I'm telling you it's crazy in there. So now to pick out the sketchbooks to take!

I want to ride a Vespa scooter in Florence. So many to choose from!

Just got my Over the Hedge screening and party announcement in the mail last night! Hooray! It's finally coming out. There's a new quick t.v spot that's airing that has a few of my shots back to back.
I did the ones where RJ the raccoon is hooked on a chain on the back of a wagon as it goes flying through the back yard. He catches the "spuddies can" and smiles, then you see the wagon shoot off of a slide and into the air, you see a close-up of RJ going "Woahhhhhhhh!." Check out those mouth shapes, I had fun with that one! Then there's Verne the turtle closing his eyes and saying "Oh Boy!" And the clip ends on that one. So I'm actually on T.V. y'all! I can't seem to find them online...but I'm sure they'll be out any day now. Looks like the marketing blitz is already taking place.

Ok, ok, here I go. I know I'm picky and I should be...and you should too. First off I have to say that I love the poster, the top half looks great. Great sillhouette, great poses, fun expressions, just awesome. Can anyone spot the mess up? Well we all knew there had to be one right? Just look at Dwayne the exterminator's right hand sleeve. Ugh, is that the ugliest cg cloth you've ever seen? It's not even wrapped around his arm! It just looks like it's penetrating his wrist!
I've been trying to imagine the final meeting the marketing people had. They're all standing around looking at the final poster ready to go out to the printing press and the world. They say. " Isn't it great?" "Isn't it perfect?" And one meager artist speaks up...(that would be me, if I was there.) "Um, the sleeve on Dwayne's arm looks horrible and's a big slash that breaks up the flow of the arm. Any artist can tell you that it could be better" All the execs stare in shock. " Security! What's an artist doing here?" Then they all eat their cheese and wine and laugh at how un-important that comment was and how nobody will notice. But you know what? I notice and so does anyone else with an artistic background. It matters. A whole lot.
Oh, the computer's cloth simulator won't fix that? It's the computers fault? B.S. We have artists here! Paint the damn thing. It matters... a great deal.

On a happier note, here's Verne the turtle! Oh how cute...I just want to pinch his turtelly green cheeks!

All right everyone...see ya when I get back!


SMacLeod said...

You make it sound like drawn animation is coming back or something. Get over it! It's OVER!

And p.s. You'd be a scary nitpicky director!

jk bro, thanks for posting :) Now go leave a nasty comment on mine.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

It is coming back. And we will all laugh and cry and dance a silly jig and scream halleluya! Just ask Steve Hulett the animation union business representative. He's got the scoop on it.

I know, I know, I'm so anal sometimes. I should just shut my mouth. Not!

Max Perelman said...

If you want to ride a Vespa in Florence,just stay away from the old 125 Supers and such with the 8" wheels--it's like trying to steer a shopping cart. (on 500 year old cobble stones, no less)

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Thanks Max!

jeaux janovsky said...

have a great trip jeremy! that turtle dude looks cute!

Anonymous said...

The exterminator's eyes look like a girls eyes too. But the animals look great.

Eric Deuel said...

The poster... not the best... but getting better!


MARILLA said...

two weeks!!?
are you coming see my show?
vespa...I wanted to have,,,like romanholiday....
but I will get.... HD....fu fu..
have fun!!

St John Street said...

All of it is so dope!!

Edward Juan said...

hey... i think i've seen you at calarts before. and at dreamworks too... i saw your film few years ago, the beach with a duck and a cat. it was pretty sweet!

Edward Juan said...

and btw, AWESOME vespa poster. here at portland a lot of people drives one... i'm super duper jealous.