Monday, July 23, 2007

The book is coming....Booth #831

More sneaks for your pleasure. It will arrive at the Comic Con this week.
Remember, autograph and doodle with every purchase!


Dan said...

Great stuff!

Just happened upon your blog, and was wondering if you book was available on Amazon.

Francis Vallejo said...

Wow, the book looks great. You should do well at the 'con.

K.B. said...

It was a pleasure to have met you at the con.(I was at e-9 with Deanna and Robin Mitchell.)

Great stuff. I will be back often.--Kevin

boob said...

Great great stuff! Glad you slipped me a card with your info because my money ran out and I still wanted to nab one of your books. Maybe a trade? We just got our own book from the printer(mere days AFTER the con...sheesh). I'll drop you an e-mail soon with details if you're interested.

Congrats on your self-published debut!


Jeremy Bernstein said...

Hey Everyone! Thanks for the compliments. Comic con was fantastic.

Dan- I'm going to post a link on here soon so that you can purchase the book through Pay Pal. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to use Amazon yet.

Francis-Thanks for the kind words

Kevin-Nice meeting you too! Thank you for the book.

Boob- Ha! I wrote "boob"...congrats on getting your book finally. I'll talk to you soon.