Monday, July 23, 2007

The book is coming....Booth #831

More sneaks for your pleasure. It will arrive at the Comic Con this week.
Remember, autograph and doodle with every purchase!

Monday, July 16, 2007

We Blog!

I am proud to announce that me and my cohorts at Dreamworks will be selling our books at the San Diego Comic Con July 25th through the 29th! Can you believe it? My first self published book!

Here is the talented line-up!

Morgan Kelly, Scott Wright, Donnachada Daly, Gabriele Pennacchioli, and Jakob Jensen

Above is our banner! Look for it and you shall find us underneath it eagerly awaiting your presence. If you want, I will draw and sign my limited, and rare, one of a kind book for you!
Oh, so you'd like a caricature? Done! Or perhaps an owl? Done! Oh, you're getting tricky now aren't you? A bear in a tea-cup car riding down the highway? Tsk! Tsk! Done!!

Here's a map to help you on your way. Booth #831

Sunday, July 15, 2007

old sea lady...

Old sea lady, of the deep,
Rises to the surface
Right out of her sleep.

Cha-cha to the left,
And cha-cha to the right.
This ol' bag is quite a delight.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hi to all two of you that read this blog! Thought I'd update it and tell you where I've been.Well, actually, I'll just show ya. The photo below is of Santorini, Greece. It's also called by its ancient name "Thira".
I was actually there this morning!

Crazy huh? To say it was awe inspiring is an understatement. This portion of the city is actually on the edge of a cliff created by an active underwater volcano. But don't worry, the next eruption is scheduled to take place in
20, 000 years. I took a ferry out of the port of Santorini to the island of Mikanos and that's where I am right now. I've rented a scooter for two days and am just going to ride around looking for nice beaches. I've got my trusty snorkel gear and am ready for some fish and sea shell hunting. I've been eating loads of greek salads, octopus , calamari, souvlaki (pork or chicken on a stick), and my favorite drink of the moment: Orange Fanta soda. I need like 3 of these to get me through the heat here.

I'll post more photos when I return, which is sat. The ones above are from google searches.

Oh, and I also rode one of these.....up 300 flights of stairs. And for some reason my donkey realllly liked walking near the edge of the steps. A part of me thinks he really hates his job and scaring the crap out of me just made his day go by easier. And he did scare the crap out of me. You should have seen my face. It looked sort of like donkey's face below.