Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I didn't want to post this!!!

Ugh! I didn't want to post this....but what the hell, here ya go. My 2d animation reel I came out of Cal Arts with. It's wayyy too long and there are lots of mistakes and things I would never put on my demo reel today. But you live and learn...right? So please be kind. Also, a lot of this animation was done straight ahead. It took me awhile to get used to the pose to pose method...and I'm still learning.

I have so many other tests that never made it to this reel. One day, when I'm 75, I'll have to digitize them and put them on my invisible 3d hologram future watch. One day.....

By the way, the animated big Ogre in the short clip of " I have a cunning plan..." was inspired by the talented Dan Holland. He's now doing Visual Development at Pixar. I stole a drawing of a hand he drew out of his trash bin one day. It was for one of his films....it was beautiful! Ha! Hey Dan! Did I ever tell you that??