Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just had to share this

This was taken on the first night I saw The Incredibles. Pixar shipped out these two dudes to Valencia Ca. to screen their film to Cal Arts students. Being an alumni...I was able to sneak my way in. Brad Bird is on the left ( director) and Mark Andrews (head of story) is on the right. And that happy fellow in the middle trying to absorb their wisdom is little ol' me.
The Incredibles is like my Star Wars to film geeks. I saw it 7 times in theatres when it came out and I'm not embarassed to even say that....it's that good. I even feel bad watching it on DVD at home...it's really meant for the big screen.

Speaking of which. You know what's bugging me of late? And my friends have already heard me complain....It' s the "behind the scenes" overload on dvds, tv shows, magazines and the internet. I feel it's taking all the magic out of films. When I watched King Kong in the theatre I was actually thinking of the fake gorilla hand against a green screen that held Naomi Watts. Why? Because they had 100 behind the scenes video's of green screen shots online before the movie came out. Those visuals stick in my head and I have trouble deleting them.

Now I know it's necessary in this day and age for promotion of the film...but we need to be careful of how much we show. I like how Pixar is very secretive with their films. A lot of my friends in the industry hate that and are annoyed and think it's very pompous of them. But you know what?? I don't really care. Give me teases here and there...it makes it all more exciting. It makes it an event...they leave me wanting more. I don't even read movie reviews anymore because they always give you too much info. I usually go off word of mouth or skim through the movie review website :www.rottentomatoes.com.

Anyway...maybe I'm the only one that feels this way. Or maybe I'm just getting older and not enjoying movies like I did as a kid anymore. I just know that when I was a kid watching Christopher Reeve flying around New York City , I never thought about the wires holding him up or the fan blowing his cape around. I just knew he looked really cool and I believed every super-human thing he did.